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Fruits and Greens Powder: Gut Healthy?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Video Transcript:

Hi, everyone. Welcome back. Fruits and greens powders have become increasingly popular over the years due to their convenience and ease of use, as well as their ability to provide a variety of nutrients in a single serving.

The question we're gonna address today is, Are fruits and greens powders beneficial for promoting gut health?

In this video, I'm going to discuss the importance of gut health as well as how these powders can help support it. And then we're also gonna talk about which ingredients to look for when purchasing these powders and how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

I'm Katie Bailey. I'm a registered dietitian at Flusso Nutrients where we provide supplement education and professional, quality supplement options for you to help make the world of nutrition supplements a bit easier to navigate.

As always, make sure you check with your main nutrition healthcare professional before starting anything new, as we can't possibly know your full medical history to make a personal recommendation. So without further ado, let's jump into today's topic.

As we've talked about in many of our other videos, gut health plays a critical role in our overall health. It is responsible for breaking down the food that we eat for absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste.

The gut is home to trillions of bacteria, and these bacteria makes up our gut microbiome. These bacteria are vital in supporting our digestion, immune health, and our mental health as well.

Research has shown that an imbalance in our gut microbiome can contribute to various different health issues, and so you can see why there's been such an interesting gut health in recent years.

What exactly are fruits and greens powders?

Well, they're powdered supplements that are designed to provide a concentrated source of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are derived from fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods.

They're an easy and convenient way to boost your daily intake of vital nutrients, and many of them also contain beneficial ingredients like probiotics, enzymes, and fiber.

So how can these powders support gut health? Well, we already know that in order to support a healthy gut, we need a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Ideally, we want to get these by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and other superfoods.

But unfortunately, many people struggle to consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day, and this is where fruits and greens powders can help.

They can be an effective way to boost your daily intake of essential nutrients needed for gut health by providing them in a convenient, concentrated powder that you could add into your daily routine.

Key Ingredients for a Quality Fruits and Greens Powders

When looking for a quality fruits and greens powders, you wanna look for these key ingredients.

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The first thing you wanna look for is you wanna make sure it has a diverse range of fruits and vegetables, because the more diverse it is, the more nutrients it will provide.

You also want them to contain antioxidants, because this is going to help prevent the cells in the lining of the gut from damage caused by free radicals.

You are gonna wanna also make sure that your powder contains fiber, because fiber's gonna really help support healthy bowel movements as well as help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

The fourth thing to look for are digestive enzymes, because these are really gonna help improve digestion by breaking down the food that you eat so that that allows for better absorption in the gut.

And lastly, you wanna look for one that has probiotics because these are the beneficial bacteria that are gonna help restore and maintain a healthy gut microbiome. So incorporating fruits and greens powders can offer many benefits not only for gut health, but for overall wellbeing.

The benefits are gonna include things like increased nutrient intake due to that concentrated source of nutrients in the powder, but also improve digestion due to the enzymes and fiber and probiotics that are found in them.

You may also see an enhanced immune function because we know that a healthy gut can help support a strong immune system. And remember, 70% of our immune system is found in our gut.

And lastly, you may notice an improvement in your mental health. Now, research has shown that a healthy microbiome can actually help support our mental health and decrease some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How to incorporate fruits and greens powders?

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Okay, so now that we know what the powders are and how they can benefit us, how do you incorporate them into your routine?

Well, the first thing you could do is you could add them to juices or smoothies. And if smoothies are a little bit too time-consuming, you could just add them to water or milk or a non-dairy alternative as well.

You could stir them into yogurt or oatmeal for a healthy breakfast option too.

It can also be easily incorporated into different recipes for a nutritional boost, so things like homemade pancakes or muffins, protein bars, or energy bites.

I wanted to make sure to mention that although fruits and greens powders can be a great addition to your daily routine, they should not be used as a replacement for a healthy balanced diet.

Instead, it should be used as a supplement to help boost your intake of essential nutrients to support gut health. It can also help enhance the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and healthy fats.

So to wrap up our topic for today, fruits and greens powders can be a great addition to your daily routine.

While they should not be a replacement for a balanced diet, they can be helpful for those that are struggling to consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day.

I've linked to quality fruits and greens powder below if you're interested in trying one. And they offer many different flavors as well as on-the-go packets for ease.

If you liked this video, please hit the like button and subscribe for more nutrition videos. I hope you found this video to be helpful, and if you're interested in working with our clinic, you can visit Oswald Digestive Clinic.

Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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