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  • Are you recommending I take the supplements you write about?
    No. We simply are sharing information in hopes of helping you to better understand the world of supplements, and to empower you to realize the power of nutrition and benefits of certain supplements in certain situations! Because we can't possibly know your medical history, nothing on Flusso Nutrients is a recommendation or advice. Please always check with your nutrition/supplement-literate healthcare provider before starting a new supplement. Further, we are providing you access to high quality supplements, so that you have a trusted and easy source when you do ask your nutrition/supplement-literate healthcare provider about whether they think it could be of benefit to you, in your situation. If you don't have a nutrition/supplement-literate provider, then please consider scheduling an appointment with our sister company Oswald Digestive Clinic (insurance accepted).
  • How can I share a supplement link with my provider?
    If you'd like to ask your nutrition/supplement-literate provider about whether a specific supplement might be of benefit to you, then you can easily copy/paste the link from our store, here: Just find the supplement you are wondering about, and copy that URL to send to your provider.
  • Can anyone order from your professional supplement store, or must they be a client?
    Anyone can order professional-quality supplements from us! Just please know, we never give personalized advice at Flusso Nutrients, because we can't possibly know your medical history. Please always check with your nutrition/supplement-literate provider before starting anything new.

Frequently Asked Questions

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