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Welcome to our functional nutrition supplement education blog:

Educate + Empower!


As licensed dietitians and licensed nutritionists, we are passionate about helping you achieve optimal health through holistic, root-case, functional nutrition approaches.

When using a functional nutrition approach, we have seen the importance of using high quality supplementation to help people achieve their optimal health.


The reality is, that today's world is not the same as the world we were living in decades ago.


Given this, proper supplementation, personalized to you, using high quality supplements, can not only be important, but is often necessary to help someone get their body back into balance, so they can get back to living life full of energy and vitality.

Given the right tools, the body has an amazing ability to heal. And sometimes, we need to use the tool of high quality supplementation.

Of course, eating high quality, nutrient-dense foods will also be important, and for support with this, please visit our sister company Oswald Digestive Clinic.  

Flusso Nutrients is all about helping you navigate the wild world of supplements! ...

Welcome. We are glad to have you here. 

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