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Uncovering the Nutrient Behind Bright Yellow Pee: What Causes It?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Hello! Today we're talking about why urine might be bright yellow.

Uncovering the Nutrient Behind Bright Yellow Pee

Drum roll...

The reason your urine is bright yellow is likely due to a B vitamin called Riboflavin (also known as Vitamin B2).

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Ask yourself, did you start a new multivitamin lately, or a meal replacement shake, or any other supplements? And is that when the bright yellow urine started?

If so, it's likely related to riboflavin where Flavin and that word riboflavin actually come from Flavis, which is Latin and means yellow.

If you are getting bright yellow pee when taking Riboflavin, it simply means that your body likely doesn't need the amount of riboflavin that you're taking.

And so it's getting excreted in your urine causing a bright yellow urine color.

Now, medications might also cause this, so ask yourself, did you start any medications around the time of the bright yellow urine starting?

And if your urine is cloudy or bloody, that's a different issue. And you're going to want to check with your doctor on that right away.

A normal color urine should be a light yellow, which means that you're drinking enough fluid.

If it's a dark yellow, that probably simply means that you have to increase your intake of fluids (that don't contain sugar, which can actually have the opposite effect), and having light yellow urine is a sign that you are getting in enough water.

Your urine shouldn't be clear. It shouldn't be absolutely clear.

Clear urine is often a problem of over-hydration, which can deplete the sodium in your blood causing faintness and is just not ideal.

So I hope this was helpful!

Bright, yellow urine is likely caused by the riboflavin in your supplement, and the excess being excreted in your urine. Typically, this is from a person's multivitamin with minerals.

If you are looking for a good quality multivitamin with minerals, we have a few options for you:

Disclaimer: always check with your nutrition/supplement-literate healthcare provider before starting any supplement, as we can't possibly know your medical history, and no one supplement is safe for everyone.

If you don't have a nutrition/supplement-literate healthcare provider, and would like one, you are welcome to schedule with our sister company - Oswald Digestive Clinic

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